So, here's the problem: your spaceship has no more fuel for an interstellar jump and you're lost in space in a hell of place full of blackholes. 

You need to avoid those motherfuckers from sucking you towards them. Gather all the blue energy matter you find around and jump the hell out of there as soon as possible.

You need 10 matters of blue energy to use the interstellar jump.
But be careful,  gravity is tricky nearby those blackholes, use wisely your boost.
Check the HUD and pay attention to your engine heat: if you overheat it next to a blackhole, that's certain death.


  • Use WASD or arrow keys to move your spaceship;
  • Yelling at the blackholes on the screen also helps you to avoid them.

We suggest you to use Chrome for the browser play, for having the best quality.
And remember to play the game fullscreen once you launch it!
Have fun! \m/


>> Programmer:  Amheklerior (
>> Artist:  Argaf (Instagram - Website -
Music & Sound Design:  Alantheandroid ( & ZaWarudo994 (SoundCloud -


BlackholyShit_win 26 MB


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